• Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, AL

    We stayed two weeks at the Catoma Section that has full hookups! Large spacious sites, shady, nice clean lots, fire pits, level lots, two shower and bathroom buildings and a Gazebo!

  • Dateline Florida!

    Yesterday morning we awoke at Riverview RVP in Vidalia, La., directly on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. This morning we awoke at Service COE on the Tombigbee River in western Alabama.

    Now this afternoon we’re in Marianna FLORIDA! HOME AGAIN!

  • Myers Landing

    Duck Hunters – Myers Landing, La.- BOOM! BOOM BANG BANG BOOM! WHAMALANGABANGBANG! It’s duck season! I gather the plan is that you blow ’em out of the sky when they’re landing for the night. Sorta like what you did at that singles bar last night. I’ve seen a lot of pickups, a lot of guys in camo drawers and precious few ducks. In fact I personally haven’t yet seen a duck that doesn’t have a “Made in China” stamp. Tonights’s forecast is for 30 kts+ and nicely cold. But the knights continue jousting.