• Heading…not! Couldn’t wait, we’re here!

    Just couldn’t do it! We stopped in at Zolfo Springs, FL a point between one place and another to get to the Everglades…

    What, only 146 miles to the Everglades? Crap! We can do that!

    And, so we did…


  • Heading for Skunk Ape Country!

    Well… we’re heading for Florida’s Skunk Ape Country starting tomorrow! We’ll nudge a little closer to the Everglades. We’re stopping less than half way there as we never travel all that far in a day anyway. Then, on to no mans land!

    We hear there is Free Wi-Fi there! Can’t image that as last time we were in the Everglades, there was no signal to anything, nada nada nada!


  • Catching up

    We’ve had a different week.

    On our last couple of days at Lake Louisa we came down with bad colds. Floridiots return to sunny Florida and catch colds…

    But it came time to move on; we had an appointment with the RV doctor. We pissed and moaned and groused our way down US 27 to I-4 whereupon I had to accelerate to WARP SPEED. Went ok though; the beast is steady as a rock. We eventually reached our destination, Creative Coach in Polk City.

    When we saw the motorhomes they had parked all over the place I was surprised they let us in. These were half-mil plus units and we’re the Clampetts. But they got us settled in Camp Parking Lot where we could plug in.  ACHOOO

    We’d initially gone there to get a dash cover made because the saber-tooth tigers sink their talons into the vinyl dash but they couldn’t make the complex shape.  Then we considered the front windows which won’t open and close; the mechanism is old Ford, like as in Edsel, so us and the tech decided to ditch that idea. One more thing. Dash air.

    Dash air in an RV is similar to that in a car but the working end is 36 feet away from the blowing end.  ACHOO  Did I mention we had miserable colds. Dash air is essential in a class A motorhome because all that glass up front creates a hothouse, steaming the driver and copilot. Ours had never worked.

    So get this. Monday night gave part of the country record-breaking cold and Tuesday night was almost as bad, and we’re getting the air-conditioner fixed. Figures.

    On the third day at Camp Parking Lot the dash air was working great and they cut us loose.  The guys at Creative Coach do spectecular work especially paint; highly recommended.

    We decided that the best plan of attack was to trundle down the road a few miles to the other side of Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight and settle in at LeLynn RV Resort for a few days to get rid ACHOOO of these colds and relax a little.