• Pig roast for Memorial Day weekend!

    A pig roast in a La Caja China was great for Memorial Day weekend! Even the skin turned out crispy. The pork was tender and juicy and we fed more than 120 with this 60 lb. pig along with 6 whole chickens and tons of food. Hope your Memorial Day weekend turns out as good as ours. We used only salt and Dizzy Pig for spices!

  • Catdom

    Smokey blown away by another cat on the TV! He was on full alert! This cats name is Sparta from TheMeanKitty on Youtube.com and Smokey thought it was Mr. Tigger!

    Oreo on bird watch duty!

    Smokey feeling the warm sun under the skylight in the kitchen!

  • Spring Fever!

    I’ve got spring fever! Well, I must have. Everything is green, I have to be outside all day, the weather is absolutely beautiful, and, I’m thinking of all these things I could do if only I was outside!

    Oh, but wait, I was outside all day! Just dropped in to say to all those couch potatoes, get outside and do something even if it’s wrong!