• Smokey and Oreo!

    Oreo and Smokey, 4 months old…

    Yes, two cats adopted us! Here we are with Mr. Tigger and baby cats 4 months old… This is the first of many post about our new babies, enjoy if you are a cat lover!

  • Who would have thunk that canning could be so complex and fun!

    Canning… The boiling water method or pressure canning method, and which one you use for what!  I highly recommend the Complete Book of Home Preserving by the Ball Company! It has over 400 recipes! As a beginner, this book is gonna be my canning bible!

    Well, I tried my hand at pickling Okra that I had grown in buckets! It worked.  That required the boiling water method. I also learned that in order to can corn, green beans, etc. I’ll need to use a pressure cooker. I never thought canning could be so complex and yet fun at the same time. So, even if I actually have to read a book to learn how, I’m enjoying it.

    My bucket garden produced over two gallons of Okra, as much in Jalapeno’s, Pablano’s,  Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Cabbage and Collards! These buckets spanned all the way around my 10×20 porch!

    Today, I’m making my first batch of Strawberry Jam and Orange Marmalade! Wish me luck…

    Who says you can’t have a bucket garden when you live in a camper! Actually, this year my bucket garden got a little out of hand and took over everything!