• Count down, 4 days to go!

    Wow, it’s been a great summer! Living between two campers can be a lot of fun for sure. Our travel trailer stays on a permanent lot and is much larger than our Class-C which gets us around the country 3 or 4 months out of the year during the cold winter season.

    Our summer home is a Jayco travel trailer with a 10×20 wooden deck with rails etc. A nice area for the grill and smoker, small garden area out back and we’ve mulched all around the deck and placed solar lighting. Yes, we even have a bird feeder! We’re located less than 60ft from a creek with a large hill directly behind us. Tucked away in a cul-de-sac, it makes for a great summer home.

    The Class-C is great for a few months on the road. We hitch a small grill to the bumper and we’re good to go! Packing just what we need for on the road. This year, we’ve got things set up much better than before. You learn as you go.

    1. Antenna for our VirginMobil so we can get a better signal for Internet on the go!
    2. DishNetwork’s Tailgator which is a mobile dish you can place anywhere around your campsite until it finds the signal. The key word it IT finds the signal for you! lol’s
    3. XM Radio for music on the go!
    3. GPS, wireless and a small Eee pc for mapping software and Internet as well.
    4. Honda 2000 generator
    5. Lots of supplies

    Now, that doesn’t sound like we’re camping at all does it? Camping is thought of as somewhat roughing it. We’re not, but we are mobile and on the go! Just remember, it’s not the destination that counts as much as the adventure getting there. We’re pulling out Thursday morning AM, if we can get up early enough and have our coffee fix! Until next time…

  • Bug Out!

    It’s time. 21F, it’s definitely time.

    Our buddies John and Lori left today to find free camping in Florida. Good luck with that.

    We’re aiming at next Thursday and doing a buster 200-mile slog to Little Ocmulgee SP in south-central Georgia, if weather permits. It’ll probably take us eight hours. We’ve been biding our time; there’s no one here at the Grove but a few residents and it’s been a while that it didn’t hit 28F at night, but the propane’s holding out and there’s no point to rushing to somewhere we can’t be naked at anyway, so we sit.

    Miss Lueffie’s pretty well packed and ready to go. Cooking gear, a few woolies and winterizing and we’re outta here. A snow-capped Mount Yonah isn’t a great thrill.

    This reads like a downer, but it really isn’t. Cold, snow and ice isn’t really a problem for me (don’t tell Mom) but we really need to go back to Florida to see some old friends and to get some things out of storage such as my BGE and Mom’s pornographic sculptures.

    So we’ll have to suffer through those torrid temperatures a couple of months. Woe with me. (G)

    But we’ve discovered something here at the Grove. We’re a family, grown out of the same holler so to speak, but a family nonetheless. We will look out for each other from the owner to the lowliest renter; we may bitch and complain but we’ll solidify very quickly. In hard times we fucking make it work.

  • Turning water into wine!

    I met a couple who told me the craziest story ever!

    The man said they had packed their truck camper so full, they no longer had any room for their two boxes of 5 liter wine! So, rather than leave that behind, they had 5 gal. of fresh water stashed away in a one of the compartments anyway, so they emptied the campers water tank, and filled it with the wine. Then, off they went!

    They found a nice free camping spot next to a trail. Once camp was setup, another couple stopped by and ask for a drink of cold water. They had been walking that trail for a long time and needed a few minutes to rest. So, the man offered the couple a nice cold glass of water from the tap. Low and behold, the glass quickly filled with wine! Oops! Now they remembered they had put the wine in the water tank!

    Wine cost approximately $30, turning water into wine, priceless!

    This story is true! It was so funny, I just had to blog about it…