• Premature ….

    Get that thought out of your mind…shame on you!

    We found ourselves ready this afternoon so we slipped out of Lake Como a day early and made the long trek up to Riverboat. We’ll be here few days , then we’ll head to Silver River SP.

    We’re now officially no-doubt-about-it fulltimers. I have no idea how Miss Lueffie swallowed all that stuff and it’ll take us months to find things.

  • Approved Comments and our next great adventure!

    Ok, I just deleted over 1,500 spam comments, so sad! This is a great site because it offers insight on two folks who are retired at an early age who bought an older RV and whom have embarked upon a new journey in their lives. We hope you enjoy reading our blog. We may write randomly of just about anything! That’s what fugawetribe is all about. At times, we may blog about a State Park, or some other camp site we’ve stayed at and offer you helpful insight, directions, contact info, etc. Otherwise, you may read about our rants and raves!

    Some folks just don’t get it! It’s not whining! It’s laughing at ourselves! That’s healthy and can be a lot of fun. For some, they can’t imagine just traveling in an RV. It’s tough to relate to a lifestyle like this for most. That’s ok.

    For those who actually enjoy reading our post, continue on! Until next time…

  • ^&$$&GRRR Leaks!

    Goop and tape. Tape and goop. Goop and tape and epoxy paint…

    Took off a vinyl trim strip and found rusty screw heads embedded in wet mud; some of the mud had been in there so long it had hardened into adobe.

    If it still leaks there’s only one option; drill some big drain holes and just go with “flow-through.”