• T-6

    Well, we couldn’t stand it so we moved up our departure date to six days from now. We’ll be spending a couple of days at Lake Louisa SP.

    Been Eternabonding today. I don’t know if we’re keeping water in or out but it won’t pass that barrier.


  • Owl Butts

    We’re still watching the owls. www.ustream.tv/theowlbox.

    Yes I confess I’ve gotten sucked into it too. Tonight we watched owlet Max back up to the camera until the camera was totally obscured by…well, you don’t wanna know.

    On other perhaps more pleasant topics, we’re rarin’ to go on our expedition next week. We took Miss Lueffie on a spin of about 1/2 mile to the liquor and cig store and she was perfectly happy. Pressing the accelerator no longer results in an “Oh sh….” She just picks up her skirts and moseys on across.

    Tomorrow I have a date with Eternabond. While it may not fix water damage, it _will_ stop the leak. DW and I had a discussion; I was agitating for 600kt tape but we settled for two inches of Eternabond…which is what I wanted all along.

    Other than that, we’re just sitting here picking our noses waiting to get on the road, thanks to DW keeping Miss Lueffie stocked and ready to roll at a moments notice.

    For anyone who might’ve missed it, we’re trundling up to Tennessee for a few months. We’re closing up the house (trailer) and the money saved by turning off internet, cable tv and hardly any electric usage will pay for _a month_ each month at the campground in Tennessee. The money we just throw away in our stick house is just amazing.

    Liftoff in nine days.

  • Snortin

    It’s right pleasant down here under the MH. I have shade and a nice breeze.

    I’m applying POR-15 to the old girl’s bottomside. She’ll take a _lot_ of POR-15.  I think I’ve applied more POR-15 to me than her bottomside.

    Oddly, this inspires DW to paroxysms of pleasure. OK, maybe not paroxysms, but one can hope. DW is a little odd.

    I have silver paint in my hair, in my ears, on my face, on my elbows, on my back and on my butt.  Well, I’m not going to rust anytime soon.

    There’s only about 3/4 of Miss Lueffie’s chassis  to go, ane there’s only about eyeballs-up for me to go. It may be appropriate to take a break if for nothing else to permit DW to cool off.

    Is this odd?