• Owl sex III

    They just had owl sex again. A rat but no dice. www.ustream.tv/theowl.

    She waited 12 hours and all he gave was a fuckin rat. No bunny rabbit,  just a rat.  Molly the owl doesn’t want a rat, she wants a bunny rabbit. That darn’ed wabbit!

    What’s the fascination? Why are 12,000+ people watching this live feed? Is it because they have no lives?

    I think not. I think it’s because these barn owls exhibit very human behavior; it’s almost voyeurism.  Perhaps they’d prefer to be left alone rather than starring in Girls Gone Wild?

  • Owl sex II

    She’s _still_ watching owl sex.

    Actually it was pretty funny. The male owl flew in, there was about five seconds of squawking and flapping, then he popped her in the face with a dead rat.

    Sounds like some people we know…

    On other topics, I climbed up on top of Miss Lueffie and put down a strip of Eternabond webseal covered by two strips of white Eternabond. Not gonna leak there again.

    Now on to the other 547 spots…

  • Owl sex

    The Mrs is sitting here watching owl sex on CNN. Yes, you heard right.

    We’ve _got_ to get on the road again.

    As for Miss Lueffie, yesterday I scraped a thick layer of goop, plaster, guano whatever off the front top seam. The previous owner apparently thought if some goop was good more was better and LOTS AND LOTS was mo’ betta. It was about a half-inch thick in places.

    Tomorrow I’m going to put down a layer of Eternabond tape and that’ll be that.

    And then I gotta get the owl lady out of here.