• State of Chaos

    If you take a look at our Fall 2016 through all of 2017 travel agenda, you’ll under stand why when I ask John where is the next campground we are staying at honey? He  gave me the name of the campground,  and I said, well what state is it in? He said, I don’t know honey, State of Chaos I guess!

    You have to have a sense of humor when you have had a year of traveling like we have had!

  • Cave Creek, Corps of Engineers Close to Falls of Rough, Ky

    Wow, all lots are backwards from the lake! There all on a hillside and all lots are facing up hill in order to hookup to electric and water! The hosts just allows everyone to go down the one way street and pull or back in to the lots from the opposite direction so we can see the lake! It just means you’ll have to run your electric and water hoses under your vehicle and hook up! There are no sewer hookups! Glad we had extensions! lol’s


  • Some folks just got their act together!

    Just saw a guy with his huge Coach with 3 slide outs pack everything up and move off his lot in about 5 minutes. Keep in mind, they have 5 kids, 5 bicycles, 5 dogs and a Jeep! They had to unhook water, electric and sewer. Draw in the slide outs, raise the jacks, etc. Exactly 10 minutes later, another Coach pulls up, backs in, hooks up and settles in! Wow, I love the life of camping full time! You get to see a lot of interesting things!