Miss Lueffie

Welcome to Fuga We Tribe! Where in the fug a we? We’d like to introduce you to Miss Lueffie!

Miss Lueffie!

We named our Class C Miss Lueffie! After all, she needed a name. She’s a 1988 Class C Yellowstone. John, our Captain used to sail a boat for over 10 years. Once we turned to RV’g, that’s when the adventure began!

Miss Lueffie, next to the parking garage St. Augustine, FL


Miss Lueffie in the Tennessee Mountains!


Miss Lueffie has given us a few scares, but overall, she’s taken us to a lot of places in the past two years. We’ve talked about upgrading to a newer RV, but, as long as Miss Lueffie keeps on rolling us on down the road, we’ll keep her on it!